Poster Presentation

Poster Presentation

[S1] Science education for young children and related areas

#131[S1] Basic Study on the Construction of a Questioning System in Science Reading Programs That Encourages the Incipient Scientific Thinking in Early Childhood Children
          Rumi Haraguchi; Asami Ohnuki; Japan

[S2] Science education for elementary school and related areas


[S2] Exploring Effects of a Visual Material Driven by Earth-Based Perspectives on the Spatial Representation of 5th Graders
          Hyoung-Jin Kim; Seong-Hwan Jeong; Myeong-Kyeong Shin; Nan-Joo Kwon; Gyu-ho Lee; Korea


[S2] Content Analysis of Korean Elementary Science Textbooks by Using Multicultural Environmental Education(MCEE) Content Analysis Framework
          Eunbyul Cho; Juyeon Lee; Jeongmin Noh; Sonya. N. Martin; Korea


[S2] Development and Application of a Teacher Professional Development Program and Student Education Program Focused on Improving Digital Science Text Reading Literacy Awareness
          Juyeon Lee; Eunbyul Cho; Kieun Eom; Sonya Nichole Martin; Korea


[S2] Does Science Learning with storyline design picture books help Improve Science Literacy?
          Yu-Hsin Lin; Yu-Ling Lu; Taiwan


[S2] The Relationship Between the Perception of Pre-Service Elementary School Teachers’ ‘Science Creativity’ and ‘Scientific Creativity Education’: Focused on ‘Creativity Within a Frame’ and ‘Creativity Between Frames’
          Chuiim Choi; Jee-Young Park, Sun-Kyung Lee; Korea


[S2] Development and Validation of Teachers’ Epistemological Belief Scale Using Model-Fit
          Namhoon Kim; Sang-Ihn Yeo; Korea


[S2] Epistemological Beliefs of Elementary School Teachers in Science Class According to Gender and Career
          Namhoon Kim; Sang-Ihn Yeo; Korea


[S2] The Effect of Creative Science Drama in Elementary Science Class
          Jisuk Kim; Sunyoung Choi; Nanjoo Kwon; Korea

[S6] Science teacher education program: Pre-service and in-service teacher education


[S6] The Dilemmas and Struggles of a Novice Pre-Service Teacher Educator
          Hyekeoung Lee; Hyoung-yong Park; Korea

[S7] Science education for policies and others


[S7] Characteristics of Modeling of Data as a Process of Creating Evidence and its Meaning on Science Education
          Kwan-Young Kim; Jong-Hyeok Lee; Jinhyeon Choi; Hyekeoung Lee; Sang-Hak Jeon; Sun-Kyung Lee; Korea


[S7] Analysis of Trends of Research on AI Education in Korea Relying on the Natural Language Processing
          Hunkoog Jho; Jaehyeok Cho; Hyeonah Noh; Jongwon Park; Korea


[S7] Directions of Climate Change Education to Cope with Climate Crisis in Korea
          Youngjoon Shin; Hae-Ae Seo; Korea