Oral Presentation SESSION 4

Oral Presentation SESSION 4

DAY 2 _ Tuesday _ 14:10-15:50 , July 25, 2022


[S6] Science teacher education program: Pre-service and in-service teacher education

Presider: Jing-Wen Lin,Taiwan


[S6] Science teacher education program: Pre-service and in-service teacher education  

Presider: Phil Seok Oh, Korea

#129[S6] Pre-Service Primary Teachers’ Challenges on Technology Mediated Learning in Science Classrooms
          Vinta Angela Tiarani; Ikhlasul Ardi Nugroho; Woro Sri Hastuti; Pratiwi Pujiastuti; Herwin Herwin; Indonesia
#132[S6] The Influence of STEM Teaching Method Course on Preservice Teachers with STEM And Non-STEM Major–Their Perception of STEM Teaching Competencies
          Hsiao-Lin Tuan; Chi-Chin Chin; Hsing-Huei Wang; Chien-Ying Chou; Taiwan
#164[S6] A Design-Based Learning Online Course For Promoting Science Student Teachers’ Competencies
          Kulthida Nugultham; Tussatrin Wannagatesiri; Thailand
#196[S6] Research-Based Teaching: Developing Teaching Materials Based on Academic Papers to Teach Scientific Creativity
          Jongwon Park; Insun Lee; Hye-Gyong Yoon; Korea
#183[S6] Research on PCK Development of Pre-Service Chemistry Teachers: Take the Concept of “Ionic Bond” in the Chemical Microteaching Course as an Example
          Yaoning Zhang; Wenhua Zhang; Ganlin Chen(UK); Minhao Zhou; Yating Xu; Mainland China


[S3] Science education for secondary school and related areas

Presider: Wenhua Zhang, Mainland China

#136[S3] Why Do We Teach the History of Science in Science Lessons?
          Kousuke Shimada; Yusei Nomura; Tetsuo Isozaki; Japan
#159[S3] Analysis of High School Chemistry Textbooks Used in China for Representations of Nature of Science
          Peixing Lee; Lan Zhang; Huiwen Wu; Xiaoju Liu; Wenhua Zhang; Mainland China
#178[S3] Learning Models and Challenges in Scientific Literacy Learning
          Fersty Isna Kusumawardani; Indrawati Indrawati; Pramudya Dwi Aristya Putra; Indonesia
#175[S3] Enhancing Grade 12 Students’ Understanding of Nuclear Reaction using 5E Learning Modules
          Voltaire Mistades; Joyce Relativo; Philippines
#171[S3] Chemistry Teachers’ Understanding of Integration & Interdependence Among Chemistry and Other Disciplines
          Nikmatil hasanah; Sutarto Sutarto; Nuriman Nuriman; Wachju Subchan; Indonesia