Oral Presentation SESSION 3

Oral Presentation SESSION 3

DAY 2 _ Tuesday _ 10:30-11:50, July 25, 2022


[S1] Student education for young children and related areas,
[S2] Science education for elementary school and related areas

Presider: Anna Permanasari, Indonesia


[S5] Science education for informal setting or life-long learning,
[S7] Science education for policies and others  

Presider: Khalifatulloh Fiel’ardh, Japan


[S3] Science education for secondary school and related areas

Presider: Hye-Eun Chu, Australia

#172[S3] Research on the Mechanism of Integrating PCK Knowledge Between High School Chemistry Novice Teachers and Experiential Teachers
          Yue-Jiong Su; Guo-Feng Zhang; Wen-Hua Zhang; Zu-Hao Wang; Mainland China
#128[S3] Developing and Conducting Online SDGs Workshops in Collaboration with Universities from Taiwan and the Asean Countries
          Jun Nomura, José Said Gutiérrez-Ortega, Chisato Maeda, Hina Morishige, Koji Tsuji, Shuji Shimonagata, Beverly Horn, Japan
#151[S3] An Exploration of Secondary School Students’ Behavioral Patterns of Computational Thinking in Using Inquiry-Based Learning with Online Computational Tool
          Watcharawit Wongwan, Niwat Srisawasdi, Thailand
#169[S3] Developing an Evaluation Rubric for Planning and Assessing SSI-Based STEAM Programs
          Ha My Anna Mang, Hye-Eun Chu, Australia; Sonya Martin, Chan-Jong Kim, Korea