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I am extremely honored to declare our continuous works for science education during dramatically shifted education era caused by the COVID-19 pandemic on behalf of distinguished members of the East-asian Association for Science Education. The EASE 2022 states ‘Broadening the horizons of science education for new global challenges and opportunities’. As you certainly can imagine, with most new challenges, one is only partially aware of what to expect, of the challenges to be faced. We have tremendous respect of the task before us, and we have given our best to serve the science education, to broaden the horizons of science education, and to promote the benefit of the East-Asian science education. In the EASE 2022, we report such efforts that we have done contently and praise each other with supportive compliment and explore tremendous opportunities of future collaborations.

Nearly 100 research works are presented during this conference. Of course we only interact with those presentations virtually. I am pretty confident that we will meet each other and communicate on site of the EASE 2024 conference in Indonesia region.

I am extremely grateful for Executive Members and the Organizing Committee Members as well as for the many supports and help that I have received during the past year of preparing EASE 2022 conference.

As a guideline to my tenure as president I have tried to stress the importance of being open and inclusive. This for me also means embracing the challenges brought by social, technological, economical and political change. And it is working towards unity while respecting and protecting diversity. Through the EASE 2022 conference, I hope to accomplish my task with you.

Thank you all members and participant researchers!

Dr. Myeong-Kyeong Shin, EASE Chair
Gyeongin National University of Education, Korea 

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