About Conference

“Broadening the horizons of science education for new global challenges and opportunities”​

   EASE (East-Asian Association for Science Education ) is a global cooperative of international science education research institutions, scholars, and educators working to understand and improve science education worldwide. The active working regions are mostly east-asia currently. More than 15 countries are actively involved in the EASE network. Seven areas are participating in our association: Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Thailand, and Indonesia.

   The EASE 2022 international conference will bring together East-Asian science education representatives to explore and discuss opportunities and strengths related to scientifically literate civil education for sustainable and valuable communities in East-Asian regions. Above all, it will be more meaningful for participants to share the friendships and cheer each other to celebrate ‘getting back to normal’ era.

   Hopefully, the 2022 EASE online conference will be a stepping stone for the off-line and biennial meeting of the EASE members with a full range of interactions. We look forward to your active participation.

EASE 2022 Organizing Committee